Modern research has shown that there is a direct link between the menace in the society and the challenges confronting the family which is the foundation of every society. On most occasions, the over-burdening responsibilities of nurturing the family shouldered by the widows at the sudden demise of their husband becomes unbearable. The inadequacies that arises from this disadvantaged condition, often lead their children to crimes and prostitution and even the widows, sometimes to societal vices.

Widow’s Edge Foundation, driven by passion and spurred by personal experience is all out to reverse this trend by bringing succor to the widows and their families. We are embarking on enlightenment campaigns, re-orientation, training and skill acquisition workshops to rolex replica harness their energies for gainful engagement. We are also providing legal services where necessary and family support for the children in education and other areas.

We work with various individuals, groups, corporate organizations and government at all levels and sensitize them on the need to support the widows and the less-privilege in the society.

The well-being of the family as we all know is very essential for peaceable living and progress of the nation. We therefore call on you to join hands with us to ease the burden and pain of widowhood. Let us show love and care for the down-trodden in our society.

Thank you.

Barr. Uche Ekezie

Founder & President